Sarah and Steven got married on July 20th at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. Coming all the way from Saskatchewan I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into the reception area. They had thought of everything, it looked perfect. Down to the candy bar, to the amazing food the guests could not stop talking about, or how about the fact that at midnight they had poutine, tacos and pizza to snack on! We could not wait to start setting up so we could tie in with their black, gold, ivory with some greenery theme. Sarah wanted minimal props, just some accent props, funny but classy so we left the big sunglasses and hats at home. The custom template we had created for Sarah and Steven was one of the most beautiful templates we had ever done and matched perfectly with their theme. Once we were set up, speeches were over the line up for the photo booth had begun. Guests had the option from choosing a one photo template, three photo template, a bridal magazine cover, and an Instagram filter as well as they could play tic tac toe or pong. They loved all the options the photo booth had and guests were coming back over and over again to try different templates, different props and to get those classy photos with their boyfriends. Guests had the option to print and text their photos to themselves which they loved as well as the fact that they got to touch the mirror to type in their phone number and having a physical copy to take home with them. Everyone’s words when they get to experience the mirror booth for the first time is “This is so cool!”. The Mirror photo booth is like nothing you have seen before, its basically a huge iPhone getting to see your photos on a big screen. The mirror booth is classy and is not an eye sore at weddings so it went perfect with Sarah and Steven’s wedding. Thank you so much Sarah and Steven for having the mirror photo booth at your wedding, from one Saskatchewan rider fan to the next, go riders! Enjoy your time as newlyweds!