Okay, so this was such a super exciting event we had to write about it! Subaru Canada was having their year end party for 2019 and they held it at the Delta Grand hotel in Kelowna, BC on August 29th. When we were told the theme and that they wanted to use the green screen with the photo booth we were pumped.

First off the theme was camping and boy did they go all out! The Mirror Photo Booth was ready to fit in but stand out for this camping event. After the guests grabbed their camping props, snapped their photo with the mirror booth they had 10 different backgrounds to pick from, including a big foot photo which was the fan favourite! I will attach the photo for your entertainment!

There was 400 guests at the event from owners, branch managers to business managers celebrating their successful year with Subaru. They were having a blast all dressed up in their camping gear, many rocking plaid! We even saw a group dressed at the Trailer Park Boys, now that was awesome!

All in all, Subaru Canada knows how to have some fun and treat their employees right! So happy to be apart of this event and to be able to use our wonderful green screen!

Thanks guys!